Januari- March looking for owls

I’m looking for owls now and have succeeded to find some of them. Now is the best season to looking for owls and to hear them when they are singing on their territories. The mating period started about two week a go. Now you can hear example Boreal owl and others singing when you go to birding trip late calm evening.

Here some owl shots from my birding trips January – February 2017.
Bic. 1. Hawk owl (Surnia ulula)
Bic. 2. Pygmy owl (Glaucidium Passerinum)
Bic. 3. Hawk owl
Bic. 4. Pygmy

Hawk owl (Surnia ulula) hit to fat balls 16.12.2016 at 12.58 birds feedingstation.

I was sitting in my WildHide watching birds living outside there when suddenly this awesome Owl appeared to place trying hit fat balls for tit. Owl tried to take bites from ball few time. Waved wings and finally dropped to the ground, sat there few seconds and jumped then roof of the feeding selter, look at me shaking head and finally flew away because other birds disturbed it very effektively. Luck of me I had camera ready in camerahole of hide and all settings ready. I need only use it. It was a amasing experience.

On safari 23.9.-25.9.2016

We were looking for wild forest reindeer’s in Kuhmo region. I was sitting behind my camo net wearing camouflage suit very early morning in dawn when I suddenly noticed a big wolf springing close my spot. Sun was just rising up and sun rays came out from clouds edges and climate were completely calm. Turned my camera to the animal and took a lot shots. It was very exciting moment. The wolf heard camera sounds, turned head and eyes to me, stopped running for a few seconds, putted down it’s tail and looked surprised out. When it looked my unknown and strange hide it jumped few long jumps and was disappeared behind threes, it was gone. It took only few seconds but luckily I got few frames from animal.


Flying Squirrel and Beavers now in August 2016

Flying Squirrel is living still in same aspen three and is active midday and evenings. Squirrel mother got (3) tree kids end of May and whole family lives in same home hole in big aspen three. The kids are adult now and saw them still in home hole second August . I spend to day 14.8.2016 few hours in midday on that three and saw one adult coming out from hole. Here is one shot about it.20160814-_DSC2856

Beaver family lives on nice bond in big lodge. Family consist parents and tree youngster born beginning June this year. Parents and kids are very active and best time to go to watch them is from 17.00 – 08.00. Parents prepare in this time lodge and dam nearby. It is very comfortable to see beavers from my floating hide locate about 25 m from lodge. Here shot I took  13.8.2016 evening from my floating hide.20160813-_DSC2608


Flying squirrel

Finally founded a nice Flying squirrel habitat locate in old forest and very near one back road. I was there on Sunday 9.5.2016 and yesterday 12.5.2016 mid day and both of those days I saw squirrel coming out from its nesting hole. It could be a female squirrel and pregnant. It means little squirrels in few days,  it is birth season at the moment. Now I can lead photographer and observer to place to watch this beautiful creature.


Capercaillie mating gliff

I found few days ago nice mating cliff of Capercaillie. I spend a night there in tent hide listening to sounds of spring time forest. I was ready with my tent and equipment at 17.30 and started to wait. At 18.10 arrived big male Capercaillie and landed very noisy way to place on branch of pine tree. Two hours later arrived two birds more to place little bit further behind threes from me. I only heard they arrival noisy way.  I went to sleep to my warm sleeping back at 21.15 wondering coming morning and nice shots. I woke up 03.30 am, settled up my camera and did make more space to move in tent. At 03.45 started black grouses singing further around me. At 03.55 arrived to site big male Capercaillie similar noisy way as evening. Were very silent a moment, sang few line only and flew away. Then those other birds (females) followed him and suddenly the place vere empty. I was sad a bit, but knew that birds went to the main legging place somewhere nearby. I waited to 05.05 sun rise and collected my staff away and went to looking for that main legging place. I drove trough all back roads nearby listening to birds sounds, but without success. I arrived back to cliff hoping that Capercaillie comes back to his territory. Now I settled up only my camouflage net for the hide and wearing on my camouflage suit. I was ready at 07.30, when at 07.45 heard a enormous noisy way taking down my Capercaillie just on top of the mating cliff. And suddenly started very intense dancing and singing out there. I took several shots and were happy, I knew it happens.  It takes about 15 minutes and suddenly bird and two others who followed that male bird was gone.. Wildlife is marvelous..! The Caip were lost  half of his tail on mornings fights somewhere.



Black Grouses legging season is on!

20160405-_DSC5368 20160405-_DSC5101

I woke up very early yesterday morning 5.4.2016 and drove to my favorite Blag Grouses legging bog to watch and photographing birds seasonal breading session  dancing and fights. I was there 05.00 am, setting up my observation tent and my camera equipment. Then you have to only wait for sun rising up. Exact 06.05 am sun is rising and birds starts sing first little bit further  and about 15 minute later they flew closer staying still in threes. The weather were very clear, cold -8 C decrees and calm. Air were full of birds singing sounds. Suddenly landed first male just front of my tent about 30 m. Soon others followed example and legging session finally started. On site were finally 11 birds mainly males. Atmosphere were full of sounds and heat. Grouses fought very eager. It continued about two hours and then birds flew away. Here some shots from place.