Grouse’s and Roe deer’s on field 25.1.2016

20160125-_DSC8335 20160125-_DSC8693 20160125-_DSC8840

I settled my WildHide on Sunday on field where use to visit one flock of Grouse’s and Roe deer’s all most daily having a meal,. On Monday I tested that place and after one hour I saw first Grouses coming about 20 m close my hide and one hour later came out forest Roe deer’s.

In Wild 4.1.2016


Now it is very easy to hike on ice and on terrain.  Icy water steam along ashore cliff was very nice on morning sunlight.


On same trip I saw this foggy rapid in -18C cold.

On birding trip 25.8.2015 at 05.00 -09.30 a’clock.

We were on our bird watching hill yesterday watching bird migration. Now is going on tree pipit’s, yellow wagtail, great spotted woodpecker and buzzard’s migration season. And always we have seen something interesting. Example this morning  (25.8.2015) four wandering black woodpecker. Here one of them.20150825-_DSC9022


I was on beaver bond 24.8.2015 18.30 – 21.00 a’clock.  First beaver appeared to my watching point at 19.40 and  ate 30 min. Second beaver came to place at 20.10 and stayed there 40 min. Here is adult beaver eating 5 m distance20150823-_DSC9001 from my hide.

On beaver bond.

wpid-wp-1438508260048.jpegwpid-wp-1438508044129.jpegTaken from my floating hide on beaver bond 1st 1.8.2015 and the second one 30.7.2015. There lives two adults and those sister’s.