Flying Squirrel and Beavers now in August 2016

Flying Squirrel is living still in same aspen three and is active midday and evenings. Squirrel mother got (3) tree kids end of May and whole family lives in same home hole in big aspen three. The kids are adult now and saw them still in home hole second August . I spend to day 14.8.2016 few hours in midday on that three and saw one adult coming out from hole. Here is one shot about it.20160814-_DSC2856

Beaver family lives on nice bond in big lodge. Family consist parents and tree youngster born beginning June this year. Parents and kids are very active and best time to go to watch them is from 17.00 – 08.00. Parents prepare in this time lodge and dam nearby. It is very comfortable to see beavers from my floating hide locate about 25 m from lodge. Here shot I took  13.8.2016 evening from my floating hide.20160813-_DSC2608