Black Grouses legging season is on!

20160405-_DSC5368 20160405-_DSC5101

I woke up very early yesterday morning 5.4.2016 and drove to my favorite Blag Grouses legging bog to watch and photographing birds seasonal breading session  dancing and fights. I was there 05.00 am, setting up my observation tent and my camera equipment. Then you have to only wait for sun rising up. Exact 06.05 am sun is rising and birds starts sing first little bit further  and about 15 minute later they flew closer staying still in threes. The weather were very clear, cold -8 C decrees and calm. Air were full of birds singing sounds. Suddenly landed first male just front of my tent about 30 m. Soon others followed example and legging session finally started. On site were finally 11 birds mainly males. Atmosphere were full of sounds and heat. Grouses fought very eager. It continued about two hours and then birds flew away. Here some shots from place.